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What You'll Find Here

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Browse the market, stay informed and hire a Hawai'i Real Estate Pro. 

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Gather with your loved ones and read a series of children's books filled with aloha.

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Come see Tesia's involvement in the community through journalism, recipes and features.

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Find inspiration for your next business venture with workshops and resources. 

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Yup. That's me -- painting under a waterfall, a moment I like to call a beautiful contradiction. My life is colorful and vibrant, just the way I like it. Whether I'm doing yoga in the taro patches up the mountain, publishing a book or two, taking a selfie after passing my boating license, jumping on a canoe with complete strangers, smashing my first 500+ attendee event, running in Miss Hawaii twice (okay three times) or changing the world as Moana's friend. Life's too short.

So that's a glimpse of me, before the news. I wasn't actually a headline, but the next closest thing -- I was an anchor and reporter, every morning, most-times more than five days a week, waking to an obnoxious alarm at 2 a.m., just to glue on some eyelashes, inhale a bunch of hairspray and (oh ya the good part) do what I loved. Hence my tag-line, "sunny with a chance of real estate". Before I departed the station I was the weather girl, in Hawaii, you know how that goes, "sunny with a small chance of rain brah". One thing that has never changed, within these photos and throughout career jumps, I love life and I want others to experience the same. I grew up in the islands and know a lot about my community. Real estate and house hunting excites me, let me guide you on this journey and let's have some fun!

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